Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'll Walk You On The Plank!

Or, at least, that's what my son would say when he is in pirate-mode. Which, he was! For Halloween this year, my Little Man put on his hat and boots and went as a pirate. Isn't he just an adorable matey??He and his best buddy Brayden both dressed up as pirates and we all made the rounds together. It was the first year he really got into the spirit of the day and we all had a blast. It would have been better without the rain, but it was still a whole lot of fun.


Kim said...

That's one cute little pirate :D

sewwhat? said...

They are darling! Did you make the costumes?

NV said...

OH MY GOD! He is TOO adorable! And man, he's getting big. :-)