Monday, October 19, 2009

TFF - Pasta Carbonara (Tolan’s Pregnancy Pasta)

Its always so sad to see a good thing come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed posting recipes for Tyler Florence Fridays, and was even lucky enough to get one of my posts featured on Tyler's own blog because of it. But, alas, nothing lasts forever. Tyler Florence Fridays is wrapping up at the end of this month, and although I will miss it, I am really looking forward to participating in the new spin off, I Heart Cooking Clubs.
So, I thought that this would be a fitting post for my last submission to Tyler Florence Fridays. Although I was a stealth reader for quite some time before actually submitting a recipe, my very first post for TFF was Tolan's Pregnancy Pasta. Since that time, I have been telling Ginny how amazing it was, so when she came out for a visit recently, we made it again. As we always do, we changed it up a bit, using some fresh bucatini instead of spaghetti, and made a few other minor tweaks. We also toasted up some little slices of baguette to mop up the sauce with. It did turn out slightly different, but every bit as tasty.

Here are some shots of my versions of Tyler's Carbonara, then and now. This recipe was both my first and last post for TFF, and it made for a great beginning AND end. I can't wait to start with some new cookbooks, and get some more great new recipes out there for you all to drool over!
Now:Adios, TFF! Next week I'll do a roundup of all my TFF posts, just for fun!


girlichef said...

Drool!! :P"""" I love that tubular pasta...Fun idea for a roundup of all of your TFF posts!

Debinhawaii said...

Your carbonara looks great! Since next week is the last TFF--a round up would be very fun. ;-)

Julie said...

Looks SO good! Wish I had some now :)

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Oh my, I want this right now! Your pasta looks so inviting!