Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its On the Tip of My Tongue...

Ginny and I consider ourselves pretty well versed in the food realm, and think we have fairly sensitive palates. So, when we saw the “blind taste test” on Hell’s Kitchen, we sat there yelling at the fool that couldn’t identify basil. This, of course, got us wondering if we were really as smart as we thought about food, or if, in the same situation, we would be unable to identify some basic food items just because we were unable to put our eyes on them.

With Ginny’s impending visit this past weekend, we decided to test ourselves. We each brought six ingredients, and chopped, smushed, or otherwise disguised them so that they would not be identifiable by shape or texture alone. We tried to stick to basic foods, not getting too exotic, but also not wasting our efforts on something really obvious, like a banana.

Here are the results!

Ginny presented her tray first:
brazil nuts – got it on the 1st try.
tangerine – 1st try again!
pastrami – took awhile, but I eventually got it.
muenster – not sure if I’ve ever had muenster before, never got this one.
sprouts – Didn’t even have to taste this one, just the smell gave it away for me.
capers – this one I really should have gotten, but the texture kept throwing me. Kicked myself for it, but I never got it.
Then it was my turn:
hazelnuts – took a little while, but she eventually got it.
kiwi – got it on the first try.
buttermilk – no problem at all.
provolone cheese – took a while. She was convinced it was mozzarella, but she got it eventually.
black beans – got it on the second guess.
shrimp – easy peasy! Got it on the first guess.

Over all, I’d say we both did pretty well! We now remain confident that we rule supreme, as was expected. How would you do?


Kim said...

That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I don't know how I would do, I've often wondered, but never tried testing myself. Sounds like fun girl times.

girlichef said...

Well, how fun is that!! Great idea...I always wonder what I'd get right when I see them do this on Hell's Kitchen...maybe I'll have to plan a night of taste testing :D

Pam said...

That sounds like fun!